3 Hour Glucose Test

So! You failed the one hour glucose test and have to take the three hour, too?

Don’t worry, I was dreading it too. I failed the one hour by four points. I mean I knew how important this was to get done and I still put it off for like two weeks. The only time I ever get sick (as in vomiting and ruined for the rest of the day) anymore is when I don’t eat and I just kept thinking about how I didn’t want to go through that. I threw up weekly up until 22 weeks and have a sensitive stomach. I was being way over dramatic in my head thinking there’s NO way I can go through with this.

I had just made 28 weeks/7 months and had my check up appointment in a few days. I KNEW if I went back to the doctor without having done the test my doctor would’ve given me a lecture. She would’ve been right though! It’s really important that I get this test done so I can act appropriately.

Now, I don’t actually think that I have gestational diabetes. But I am always always always tired, which is a symptom. Even at this stage I can’t make it through the day without a nap. I also get dizzy when I drink apple juice or soda (I know it’s not the best but these are my cravings speaking!), it’s like it goes straight to my head. I don’t know if that’s just normal because it’s a lot of sugar or what. Either way, one of the biggest symptoms is gaining excessive weight. I’m actually having a hard time gaining the appropriate amount of weight. (Still, everything is healthy and normal!) So, it just doesn’t seem to me like I will have it, but I’ll know Tuesday!

Anyway, I got it over with. I ate all day and ate right before I went to sleep. I went to the hospital as early as I could in the morning.

That’s my biggest piece of advice I can give to you. Go as e a r l y as you can in the morning.

 I’m taking classes online, working on a t-shirt design for my job, and reading a book. I brought all of these things with me to help the time go by.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t focus on doing anything except talking myself out of throwing up. I couldn’t even scroll on my phone because it was making me dizzy. The first hour I took a nap, but the hospital is so open I felt silly laid out on a two-person chair with my jacket over my head. I felt way too exposed. I set an alarm to wake myself up also! Haha I could only imagine what the people around me were thinking, but they probably didn’t have to sit there for three hours on the verge of throwing up.

I got my blood taken every hour on the hour. The whole entire time I just kept talking myself out of throwing up and clutching onto a plastic bag. If I didn’t sit straight up and just relax telling myself, “it’s almost over,” I would have thrown up.

If you throw up before the three hours, the test is void.

Finally! I made it through. I was never so happy to get out of there. My husband took me to eat at one of my favorite places after and I took a way-too-long nap afterwards.

Anyway, here is my advice:

-Go to the hospital as early as you can, you’ll be the least hungry. I hate waking up early, but I’m glad I -did.

-Bring things to make the time go by (if you can focus on it, anyway)

-Dress comfortable. Most hospitals are cold so wear pants and bring a sweater. Not necessarily saying dress like a bum, but dress like you have to sit in the same spot for three hours.

-Drink water before you go, it’ll put something in your stomach and help hold you over a little longer. And you can’t drink any water once you get to the hospital!

-Talk yourself into relaxing or distract yourself.

-Remember you’re doing this for your baby! It’s only a few hours and even if it does ruin your day, it was just ONE day! Better than going through your pregnancy with potentially untreated gestational diabetes.

You got this mama, good luck.

(UPDATE: I passed! I’ve learned that very many women pass the 3 hour test, but not the one hour.)